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User Acceptance of a Decision-Theoretic, Location-Aware Shopping Guide

By Thorsten Bohnenberger, Anthony Jameson, Antonio Krüger, and Andreas Butz (2002)

In Y. Gil & D. B. Leake (Hrsg.), IUI 2002: International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (S. 178–179). New York: ACM.


We are exploring a class of decision-theoretic handheld systems that give a user personalized advice about how to explore an indoor area in search of products or information. An initial user test in a simple mockup of a shopping mall showed that even novice PDA users accepted the system immediately and were able to achieve their shopping goals faster than when using a paper map of the mall. A key issue is the extent to which spontaneous user behavior can be accommodated within this framework.


This short paper has been superseded by the 15-page paper by the same authors in the proceedings of MobileHCI 2002.



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