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User Modeling Meets Usability Goals

By Anthony Jameson (2005)

In L. Ardissono, P. Brna, & A. Mitrovic (Hrsg.), UM2005, User Modeling: Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference (S. 1–3). Berlin: Springer. Abstract of an invited talk.


It is widely known that user modeling and user-adaptivity can be more of a nuisance than they are worth because of some typical usability problems that can easily arise. Two attractive ways of dealing with this fact are (a) to ignore the usability problems and (b) to ignore user modeling. This talk will advocate and illustrate the approach of taking the bull by the horns: In the design and development of a system based on user modeling, usability problems should be analyzed and countered just as explicitly and systematically as medical side-effects are dealt with in the development of new medications. Referring to examples from recent and current research and practice, we will look at typical ways in which user modeling can cause usability problems and at general strategies for preventing and remedying these problems.


The 2-page abstract for the proceedings volume and a printable version of the slides of the talk itself are available via the following links. If you would like to use some of the slides—and/or the pictograms that they contain—in your own presentations, please contact the author (using the contact information at the bottom of his homepage) to obtain files that are better suited to this purpose.



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