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Making Systems Sensitive to the User’s Time and Working Memory Constraints

By Anthony Jameson, Ralph Schäfer, Thomas Weis, André Berthold, and Thomas Weyrath (1999)

In M. T. Maybury (Hrsg.), IUI99: International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (S. 79–86). New York: ACM.


Recent advances in user modeling technology have brought within reach the goal of having systems adapt to temporary limitations to the user’s available time and working memory capacity. We first summarize empirical research by ourselves and others that sheds light on the causes and consequences of these (continually changing) resource limitations. We then present a decision-theoretic approach that allows a system to assess a user’s resource limitations and to adapt its behavior accordingly. This approach is illustrated with reference to the performance of the prototype assistance system READY.


One of two recipients of the humanIT Best Paper Award at IUI99.



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