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Recomindation: New Functions for Augmented Memories

By Carolin Plate, Nathalie Basselin, Alexander Kröner, Michael Schneider, Stephan Baldes, Vania Dimitrova, and Anthony Jameson (2006)

In V. Wade, H. Ashman, & B. Smyth (Hrsg.), Adaptive hypermedia and adaptive web-based systems: Proceedings of AH 2006 (S. 141–150). Berlin: Springer.


Advances in technological support for augmented personal memories make possible new ways of enhancing the process of product recommendation. Instead of simply analyzing information about a user’s past behavior in order to generate recommendations, a recominder (the third syllable is pronounced as in remind) system can additionally supply various types of information from the user’s augmented memory that allows the user to take a more active role in the search for suitable products. We illustrate the paradigm of recomindation with reference to a prototype implementation of the system Specter in a CD shopping scenario and the results of a study with 20 subjects, who found most of the recomindation functionality to constitute a useful enhancement of their shopping experience.


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